Confidential Technologies GmbH offers a range of consulting services for security research and development. We are experts in the area of real-world network security protocols and Android security.

Dr.-Ing. Dominik Schürmann conducts network protocol research and published over 15 academic papers on international conferences and journals. He is the maintainer of OpenKeychain, the OpenPGP implementation on Android, and found several security vulnerabilities in Android’s in-app billing, email apps, and messengers.

Vincent Breitmoser is a developer and consultant specialized in Android security and encryption protocols. He is one of the main developers of K-9 Mail, the leading open source email app for Android, and participated in writing the Autocrypt specification.

Please contact us for consulting services:

  • Analysis and implementation of security protocols
  • OpenPGP consulting
  • Double Ratchet based protocols (Signal, OMEMO,…)
  • Key exchange protocols (Password Authenticated Key Exchanges)
  • Email security
  • Android security
  • F-Droid Deployments and Whitelabeling