Security Keys and Smart Cards

Cotech brings Security Keys and Smart Cards to Mobile Devices.

Smart Cards have been used on Desktop and Laptop systems for a long time. Recently, Security Keys, such as YubiKeys, have been introduced for two factor authentication.

Cotech brings this hardware security technology to smartphones. We support contactless smart cards over NFC without any additional hardware. Also, Security Keys are supported over NFC and USB.

Use Case:
App Encryption

An app containing sensitive data can be fully encrypted. The user is prompted to tap the correct smart card. If the correct smart card is used, the content will be decrypted and temporary access is allowed.

New content (e.g. files, incoming messages) are encrypted without the smart card (using the public key associated with this card). This allows, for example, to encrypt incoming messages directly for a messenger app without holding the smart card against the device.

This is not a simple unlock screen, it uses real public-key cryptography to encrypt the whole app database!

Use Case:
Server Authentication

Due to its public-key encryption scheme, it can be utilized to provide authentication, for protocols such as SSH, without requiring central identity servers.

This is helpful to maintain critical infrastructure that is not necessarily connected to the Internet. A certificate scheme, such as SSH certificates or X.509 certificates can be utilized for key management.

Your Use Case

We envision a lot more use cases for our SDK. Contact us and let us adapt our technology to your needs!

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