Our Autocrypt/OpenPGP SDK is a cryptographic SDK for Android that allows you to integrate end-to-end encryption capabilities into your app based on the Autocrypt specification. Its code is shared with OpenKeychain, the most widely used and trusted OpenPGP implementation for Android.

It differentiates from existing libraries by including a ready to be used key database that is automatically filled from various sources, such as Autocrypt, WKD, or HKP keyservers. It supports modern cryptographic primitives based on Curve25519 and comes with an opinionated security configuration that rejects insecure keys. Furthermore, it supports security keys over NFC and USB.

Key Capabilities

Key Management Uses its own SQLite database, i.e., no hassle of setting up your own database scheme.
Asymmetric Primitives EdDSA (Sign), Curve25519 (Encrypt), NIST curves (P-256, P-384, P-521), secp256k1 (‘The Bitcoin curve’), Brainpool curves (brainpoolP256r1, brainpoolP384r1, brainpoolP512r1; recommended by BSI), RSA
Key Discovery Imports keys from Autocrypt emails, domains supporting WKD, HKP keyservers. Secure retrieval using pinned TLS certificates is possible.
Implementation Security The implementation has been audited in OpenKeychain and undergoes constant public scrutiny due to its publication as open source.
NFC/USB Security Keys Supports YubiKey NEO over NFC, the YubiKey 4 series over USB, and all OpenPGP-compatible Nitrokeys over USB.


Open Source

If your distribution terms conform to our open source license, download here.

Commercial License

If you would like to secure a commercial license for distribution, contact us for an inquiry.