Contactless Confidential

One Tap Login & Encryption

Our technology combines smartphones and tablets with smart cards. Cutting-edge security.
Protect your business. Without passwords.


The mobile NFC interface is used with external hardware during the encryption process. External hardware provides a secured storage for keys and a microprocessor for cryptographic operations.

Physical Key

Your data on the smartphone is encrypted in a way that it can only be viewed with your personal smart card. The card works like a key. No PIN or password entry is required.

Encryption at Rest

Today’s mobile devices are always online. That means, a full device encryption is not really effective. Contactless Confidential stores the data separately and decrypts it only when it is needed.

Offline Data Access

Contacless Confidential works different than a cloud service. The data access is secured without a cloud connection. When a fast data link is available all required data is transferred and Contactless Confidential will store it securely.


The EU-GDPR claims that all data has to be secured with state of the art techniques. Contactless Confidential uses the NIST P-384 curve and AES-256 to secure your data. Software updates keep the cryptography on a cutting-edge level.

Android Enterprise ready

Customizing your experience with Contactless Confidential is easy. We provide different company policies. You can manage them via your MDM-console that supports Android Enterprise.

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