Hardware Security SDK

A Vendor-Independent Hardware Security Solution For Your App

The Hardware Security SDK is the best framework for using security keys and smart cards on mobile devices. Our SDK extends your app with FIDO U2F, FIDO2 and WebAuthn authentication. Even specialized use cases, such as SSH and TLS client certificate authentication as well as SQLCipher encryption are supported.


Our Passion

Confidentiality is a very valuable asset - Cotech protects it. We provide end-to-end encryption solutions for mobile devices that provide revocable access to confidential data for companies and individuals. Our design concepts follows usablity on all layers: It is end user and developer friendly.

Our Story

In the beginning there was OpenKeychain, the most widely used OpenPGP implementation for Android. It has been financially supported by the Google Summer of Code program as well as the Open Technology Fund. The software quality has been verified in an external security audit. Now, Cotech - Confidential Technologies GmbH is leading the development.

Our Vision

Cotech relies on open-source software. We believe in free and open solutions. Software must be verifiable and documented. We believe in decentralized message exchange and usable security solutions. This is why we are participating in the Autocrypt project.


Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks
Teilnehmer der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit
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